Comparator Sourcing for Clinical Trials

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We aim to be the partner of choice when supplying clinical trials as we can use our expertise in sourcing and distribution to efficiently fulfil the requirements. We aim to source required medicines directly from manufacturers however if this may not be possible, we use our trusted international network of suppliers to meet the supply requirements.

The advantage for trial sponsors working with Pharmatopia is our ability to source direct from manufacturers and via our access to suppliers across the global market. With the increased number of new countries where clinical trials are taking place, the key for us is to make the process as streamlined as possible as your sourcing specialist, with our detailed knowledge of the differing regulations specific to countries and also the ability to meet those regulations.

Pharmatopia are able to provide large single-lot batches with long expiration dates or multiple lots as require ensuring clinical consistency is maintained and minimising operational challenges and reducing risk in variability in supply and added security in delivery time.

With a dedicated procurement team able to source comparators at short notice, from manufacturers and wholesalers all who have been verified, allowing a process that can be challenging in a compressed timeframe to be smooth and efficient. The goal of the procurement team is to clarify the specific needs for comparator and the time required, and achieve this by properly evaluating all sourcing options and maintaining a close communication between the supply chain and clinical teams to enable better planning and ultimately minimise a company’s exposure to avoidable risks and unexpected problems. We use a strategic approach and knowledge of global regulations to overcome these challenges and ensure you have the relevant documentation, supply chain security and minimise delays in re-supply.

Pharmatopia will maintain compliance with sourcing regulations and the logistics necessary to deliver the comparator product to sites worldwide. With our expertise as a supplier, we will ensure compliance with the import and export requirements for each country, as well as the specific handling criteria necessary for each type of delivery (i.e. cold chain requirements).

Please contact us with your requirements & we will be happy to hear from you.